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We post the current Covid-19 cases daily

27.11.2020: 1620 PCR tests were conducted in the TRNC today, of these 7 tested positive (0.43%); 3 arrived by air, 2 arrived by sea and 2 are contacts of previous positive cases.

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16.11.2020 ROC Covid-19 Cases:

107 cases from 3679 tests. 75 people with Covid are in hospital of which 15 are in ICU

73 cases came from contact tracing

8 cases came from abroad

6 cases came from people requesting tests

11 cases came from hospitals or doctors requesting tests

3 cases came from nursing homes

6 other cases

30.10 ROC Covid Update


Cyprus has been removed from the UK Green Travel Corridor.


UK travelers will from Sunday (4am UK time) will need to self-isolate for 14 days when returning from Cyprus, due to rise in Covid 19 cases in Cyprus. Lithuania was also added to the UK's self-quarantine list.

October 22, 2020 - Statement by ROC authorities:


President Nicos Anastasiades and Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, issued a video today calling on people to protect themselves and others by putting on their masks.

He acknowledged that people are tired of the measures but stated, “we must all understand that the invisible enemy continues to exist and spread among us.” He also appealed to people to strictly observe the protective measures and avoid unnecessary gatherings.

Further instructions have been issued for people placed under home restriction, these include individuals who have returned from a category C country in the last 14 days, with or without symptoms, and those who have been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case.

Ideally, the person should be living alone at home. If this is not possible, the suspected case is isolated in a room, which the other members will not use under any circumstances. If there are other suspicious or confirmed cases in the house they should be isolated separately from each other.

The isolation room should be well ventilated and the person is not allowed to leave the house. Visitors are not allowed.

Isolated individuals may only leave the house in case of an emergency and after contacting their doctor or calling 1420.

The use of separate household utensils is recommended, and where this is not possible the items should be disinfected before and after each use.

The use of a separate bathroom and toilet is recommended.

Any planned trips during the 14 days need to be cancelled. An exception may be made in consultation with the epidemiological surveillance unit in case the person’s permanent residence is outside Cyprus.

Waste should be separated from other waste for 72 hours before it is disposed of.

If it is not possible to apply the above, quarantine provision (hotel) is available at an additional cost. Where a person has been ordered to isolate because he/she has come into close contact with a person in a plane the cost of the hotel stay is borne by the government.

“If the person is a minor, only one adult is allowed to stay with the child in quarantine and to request a certificate of absence from work.”

People who are part of contact tracing have the right to one free test, while persons coming from a category C country have to repeat a test 12 days after their arrival at their own expense.

Test results will be notified by text message within 72 hours but the person must complete the 14 days quarantine even if the result is negative.

“Home quarantine may be monitored either on-site or by telephone controls,” the ministry warned. “People who are under home restriction are required to comply with the relevant decree. In case of non-compliance, they will be held criminally liable.”




Coronavirus Hotline

Call: - if you or someone you know has symptoms

         - for questions regarding test results

         - for Covid related enquiries

From ROC Surveillance Report - Published 29.10.2020:

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