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31.05.2021 - 105 Positive Cases Confirmed in the TRNC today. Statement from the Ministry of Health:

As a result of the PCR tests carried out yesterday, 85 people tested positive for Covid-19 at a construction company in Lefkoşa, the necessary examinations and treatments have been started. Contact of workers who are all at the same construction site have been traced by the Ministry of Health and 53 people were placed in quarantine hotels.

The Ministry of Health has the situation under surveillance and all measures have been taken to avoid spread of the virus.

“A total of 8,593 tests were carried out. There were 105 positive cases, of which 100 were local. 34 people were discharged.”

The number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 8,593. 5 people are previously identified contacts of cases and are being kept under observation during this period. 100 people are local cases.

95 people are from Lefkoşa, 1 person is from Girne, 2 people are from Gazimağusa, and 2 people are from the Güzelyurt region.''

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