Republic of Cyprus - Rules

  • The Ministry of Health announces that the maximum fee charged for carrying out a laboratory examination for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in accordance with today’s Decree by the Health Minister, is set at €75 for the molecular test. 

  • The maximum wholesale and retail prices for selling masks are being determined in the Decree of the Minister of Health, dated 20 August 2020. Any violation should be immediately reported by calling 1429 (Consumer’s Line) 

  • In order to safeguard the protection of citizens and public health vis-à-vis COVID-19, it is now mandatory for everyone 12 years old and above to use a protective mask.  For children aged 6-12 years old it is recommended they wear a mask but this is not compulsory

  • Mask must be worn in indoor crowded spaces, and more specifically, at the following establishments/venues:

  1. Supermarkets / bakeries

  2. Department stores / retail stores / shopping malls

  3. Churches

  4. Hospitals / clinics / nursing homes / other health care institutions

  5. Schools - Primary, high schools, kindergartens, and summer schools 

  6. Pharmacies

  7. Services/Departments of the public and wider public sector and private businesses which receive/serve customers (e.g. banks, citizen service centres, post offices, Cyprus Electricity Authority, etc.).  

  8. Betting shops

  9. Elevators

  • Non-observance of the measure constitutes a Decree violation by the citizen and the fine of € 300 shall be borne by the citizen himself and not the business / establishment.

  • As regards employees, it is clarified that the use of a protective mask is mandatory for employees in customer service positions, as follows:

  1. Public transport (e.g. bus drivers),

  2. Indoor areas of private companies, Departments of the public and wider public sector which serve the public, such as citizen service centres, post offices, couriers, places for the payment of utility bills of organizations (e.g. EAC, CYTA, local government), etc.,

  3. Persons who work in customer service in retail businesses. Indicatively:

  4. Tills at supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, public markets, retail stores, etc.

  5. Customer service at other places such as butcheries, fish markets, fruit markets, kiosks, mini markets, retail trade businesses (e.g. clothing and shoe stores, cosmetic stores, and so forth), etc.

  6. Delivery persons / distributors

  7. Construction workers: people working in construction must use disposable masks when traveling by car (the number of persons in a car must not exceed 2 people) and when using an elevator.

  • Maximum number of persons at private gatherings: in houses and other mass assembly areas is set at 50. Defined as private gatherings are, for example, private parties, birthday parties, beach parties, etc.


  • Maximum number of persons at weddings/christenings: (physical presence at dinner) is set at 350.  As regards the well-wishing ceremony at a reception, the flow of persons must not exceed 250 per hour, while the guidelines of the relevant Protocol must be observed throughout. Provided, at the same time,that during the performance of the wedding or christening in churches/religious places, the instructions of the current Protocol are implemented.


  • Maximum number of persons in catering areas: is 150 persons indoors and 250 persons outdoors. Provided that the maximum number is calculated on the basis of the open air area with one person per 2m2. excepting the workers. The maximum number of persons in indoor areas is one person per 3m2 regardless of the square metre area of each establishment, in accordance with the relevant Protocol. The public must exclusively be served at table arrangements, the direct service of customers at the bar is forbidden.


  • Organising/Holding of fairs, festivals, exhibitions, concerts: in places such as stadiums, churchyards, and so forth, is banned. It is understood that the organizing of concerts and theatrical performances at open air amphitheatres, provided that the spectators are seated and the relevant Protocol is strictly adhered to as regards distancing, the maximum number of persons, ticket selling, etc.


  • Organizing of conferences/general meetings: or other similar assemblies, is permissible, provided that the organizers apply the protocols in force according to the venue, as well as the measures concerning the maximum number of participants, distancing among the delegates, etc. It should be noted that in case coffee/snacks/cocktails are offered in the course of a conference, the maximum number of persons, that is 50 each time, should be observed.


  • Population intervention in 5,000 persons every 2 weeks: a population intervention through the laboratory testing of 5.000 persons in areas with a large crowding of people (e.g. bars, restaurants, malls, universities, and so forth), to be repeated every two weeks with the aim of recording the epidemiological picture in the community.  The first 5.000 tests will target young persons, 18-40 years of age, outside catering places, bars, etc., since random tests have shown that most COVID-19 cases detected recently are persons belonging to the specific age group.


  • Random checks in schools, in the State Health Services Organization, in old people’s homes and other indoor shelters:  is recommended for school workers and students, health professionals and the remaining personnel of public hospitals, as well as for workers and inmates of old people’s homes and other indoor shelters, in cooperation with the competent Ministries and Services. Priority will be given to persons returning from holidays and trips, in an effort to minimize the risk of having outbreaks in such places. More details on these programmes will be announced in due course.

  • Repeat of laboratory test by travellers: Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases among people who travelled abroad and are tested positive to the virus some days after their journey, people returning from a trip are urged to repeat privately the laboratory examination 7 days after their return, even if they have submitted to a laboratory test at the airport with a negative result. Provided that people who show symptoms (coughing, fever, breathing difficulty, loss of the senses of taste or smell) before 7 days have lapsed, are obliged to contact immediately their Personal Doctor and follow his instructions.


  • Persons arriving from Countries included in Category C shall be PCR test, 48 hours before the end of their self-isolation, at their own expense. The result of the laboratory examination must then be sent to the email address . Self-isolation of persons will be terminated as long as the test is negative.


  • Anyone who is a close contact of a person who has tested positive must self-isolate for 14 days and daily police checks will be carried out to ensure compliance

  • Visits to hospitals and old people’s homes should only be undertaken in very limited circumstances

  • Everyone should observe social distancing and wash their hands frequently

  • Beaches are open in compliance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

Limassol District Only

  • Limassol district restrictions will be reviewed after 20th August

  • Extra restrictions  <11 people can be together in social gatherings; the maximum number of customers in churches, restaurants, cafes and bars is now 75 indoors and 150 outdoors

  • Public buses can only run 50% full

  • Molos Area only – playgrounds and municipal gardens have been closed and movement of pedestrians is being regulated.  Increased disinfection of public areas is now taking place and outdoors markets will be closely monitored 

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