TRNC Entry Requirements

10.04.2021 - Statement From The Ministry of Health

People approved to do home quarantine according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Health of KKTC will be included in the ′′Quarantine Tracking System′′ as of Monday, April 12, 2021, within the scope of electronic bracelet application.

People should download the mobile app named ′′ Stay Safe ′′ to their mobile phone before arriving to KKTC and complete registration and payment procedures in the app. ′′ Quarantine Tracking System ′′ is a paid application and the cost is 750 TL total including a deposit of 350 TL.

For any information about the quarantine tracking system, go to:

Home quarantine application must be made by coming to the Ministry of Health or sending an email to

3 working days before travel.

1. Disease Report (Epicrys)

2. ID Info

3. Residency Information

4. Phone and Open Quarantine Address

5. Travel Info

6. Negative COVID-19 Test done over the past 3 days

7 Full names, ID information and signatures of those who will be quarantined at home

8. Purpose for going abroad and whether you stayed at hotel or home while abroad.

The Health Ministry's home quarantine assessment committee provides an opinion that home quarantine can be implemented to people and patients with the following criteria:

• Seniors over 70 years old

• Kids under 12

• Atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure

• Patients receiving immunosuppressive treatment

• Cancer patients-those who have received chemo and radiotherapy over the past 6 months

• Those who had minor surgery within 1 months

• Those who had major operation within 3 months

• People with physical and mental disabilities

• People with neurodegenerative diseases

• Autism speculation

• Psychiatric patients, diagnosed > 3 months prior (doctor's report with details of treatment received needs to be provided by a psychiatrist).

• Those who live with colostomy bag and permanent urinary catheter

• People with recent kidney failure in need of dialysis

• Patients with organ and stem cell transplant

• Pregnancy

Heavy administrative fine and imprisonment will be applied to those who do not obey the quarantine rules and isolation rules.

At the same time, our people must obey the rules of social distancing, hygiene, mask wearing rules with the ongoing outbreak going on around the world.

Routine inspections continue with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and the General Directorate of Police and municipalities. As a result of inspections, money and closing fines will continue as planned by the law if all sectors don't obey the rules especially in closed areas.

The vulnerability that our business owners and people will demonstrate during the process is of great importance to not be closed again.

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You need a smartphone or tablet to download the app.

TRNC Entry Requirements (Updated 1 April 2021)

1. The Country categories no longer apply and everyone regardless of country of arrival, must meet the following requirements:

  • provide a negative PCR test taken <3 days at the arrival date

  • undertake 10 days quarantine in a government hotel/facility

  • take a further PCR test at the end of the quarantine, provided this is negative you will be able to leave quarantine.

  • Everyone including TRNC citizens must pay for their quarantine costs

  • Anyone who has previously recovered from a Covid-19 infection must have a negative PCR test result following the infection and then wait at least 14 days before being permitted to request to come to the TRNC.

All people who have been in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Brazil, and Africa (Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina, Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagasca, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sahrawi, Somaliland, Canary Islands, Cauta, French Southern and Antartic Land, Maderia, Mayette, Melilla, Soberania, Reunion, Pelagie Islands, Socotra, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha  shall stay 14 days in quarantine / isolation.

2. Entry for up to 3 days to the TRNC without quarantine is no longer permitted. 


3. People residing or working in Pile will be able to cross the border for the day without needing to quarantine, provided they provide a negative PCR test results.  In order to meet the needs of Pile residents, employees of business who need to cross to Pile for the day can do so provided they submit a negative PCR test >24 hours old.


4. UN, EU, British Bases, Buffer Zone, Missing Persons Committee and Peace Forces personnel will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <72 hours old.

5. Patients and their attendants residing in the TRNC and receiving routine medical / medical treatment in the Republic of Cyprus will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <3 days old and provide documents of their appointment to the border guards. Additionally, patients and accompanying persons must take further PCR tests on the 7th and the 14th day after returning to the TRNC.

6. Patients residing in the RoC and receiving medical treatment in the TRNC will be able to cross for the day to the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <72 hours old and provide appointment documents to the border guards.

7. People who reside in the TRNC and work in the RoC or vica versa will be able to cross daily without quarantine provide they submit a PCR test result taken <7 days when they cross the border.

8. People who reside in Beyramudu can only make daily crossings to the British Bases/Superior Region without quarantine or application for the purpose of agriculture and livestock.

9. From 13.12.20 crossing from the Greek Side to the Turkish side for up to 24 hours with a negative PCR test result is no longer permitted.

10. People residing in the TRNC who want to travel abroad via RoC, may do so with taxis with a "T" permit. These taxis may cross to the South, provided they present a PCR test result < 72 hours old. However, these crossings will only be permitted for transfers to Larnaca Airport. Taxis with a "T" permit can provide transfers for 1 passenger, commercial < 9 passenger-''T'' licensed vehicles will be permitted to carry 2 passengers.  Hygiene requirements must be complied by all. Taxis must cross back through the same border within a maximum of 3 hours. Taxi drivers will be required to sign a commitment form.  If the requirements are not complied with further pass permits will not be issued.

11. Green Line Regulation, non-contact traders who have received permission to trade from the district police boards, can continue to trade without quarantine application.  Other shipment procedures will be re-evaluated at a later date.

12. Ambulances may cross the Yeşilırmak Border without quarantine for health purposes only. Quarantine is required if crossing for other purposes.


13. Given the quarantine capacity only a maximum of 4 flights to the TRNC per day can be allowed, each carrying a maximum of 200 passengers, and a maximum of 2 ferries per day, carrying 75 people each (excluding soldiers).

Charges & Notes

  • All travellers (including TRNC Citizens) regardless of Country of Arrival when entering the country must undertake 10 days quarantine (in a government approved facility) and the cost of quarantine must be paid in advance (proof of payment must be provided).  At the end of the quarantine period, each person will undergo a further PCR test, the cost of which is included in the pre-paid quarantine fee.  Travellers will only be permitted to leave if the test result is negative. *those coming from banned countries see above must undertake 14 days quarantine.

  • Quarantine Fees and PCR test fees will be paid by the TRNC Government for the following people:

    • Army Officers who have been reassigned to Cyprus

    • Higher Education students who are registered or will registered during the current academic year (by submitting a Student ID or acceptance document for 2020-2021 academic year.

    • TRNC National students who are studying abroad

    • Individuals who receive social help and disability allowance

    • Patients and their companions who have been exempted as decided by the Health Board (they must show their document of exemption from Quarantine fee from the TRNC Ministry of Health

    • Officials who come to the TRNC from Turkey for Official purposes 

    • Those Officials who sent abroad for Official Business

  • If you arrive in the early hours of the morning this will be counted as the previous day, so you will need to remain 11 days in quarantine​

  • Quarantine fees and test fees must be paid in advance to the TRNC Ministry of Finance, see below for bank details. Payments can be made in Turkish Lira, Pounds Sterling, Euros or US dollars, there is a different bank account for each currency. The amount for 10-day quarantine and a PCR test at the end of quarantine is shown below:

  • Proof of payment for quarantine must be presented when you check-in and airlines will not accept passengers without a valid receipt. 

Bank details for pre-quarantine payments 
​Account Name: KKTC Maliye Bakanlığı [TRNC Ministry of Finance] 
Account Holder Address: KKTC Maliye Bakanlığı, Lefkoşa, KKTC 
Swift Code Reference: TCZBTR2A 
Bank address: Şht. Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Sokak No. 11, Küçük Kaymaklı, Lefkoşa, KKTC 
Turkish Lira TL, 
Account No: 40298710-5001 
IBAN: TR290001000860402987105001 
Pounds Sterling GBP, 
Account No: 40298710-5004 
IBAN: TR450001000860402987105004 
US Dollars USD, 
Account No: 40300032-5001 
IBAN: TR470001000860403000325001 
Euro EUR, 
Account No: 40298710-5002 
IBAN: TR020001000860402987105002 

  • If you have a TRNC Government PCR test, you can find your PCR test result here​

  • Children aged up to and including 5 years old are exempt from PCR tests and quarantine fees.​​

  • Printouts of the PCR test results that are not submitted to TRNC health authorities on arrival or those not obtained within 3 days before the date of travel will be deemed invalid and entry into the country will be denied. ​

  • PCR test results should be in either English, French or Turkish only​.

  • Your country of entry is the country in which you have been residing in the last 14 days before entry.​​

  • Tests must state SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19). You may refused entry if the test does not clearly show it is a SARS-CoV-2 test​​

  • Foreign Nationals can cross from the South to the North only via the Beyamudu (Pile/Pyla) border.  All standard entry requirements apply.     ​​

  • Depending on RoC entry category, EU nationals with a scheduled flight from Larnaca may cross from North to South with the following documents: a negative PCR test result and a flight/boarding pass showing you are travelling on the same day. You must cross the border at least 4 hours prior to your flight. Some EU nationals have been permitted to cross from the North to the South for medical or other genuine emergencies, however you will need the assistance of your Embassy​

  • TRNC officials/formally commissioned people who travelled abroad for work and TRNC citizens who needed medical treatment abroad can apply to the Ministry of Health for an exemption from quarantine, with each case decided on its merits. 

UK Specific Rules 
The Government have now confirmed that UK NHS test results are valid, but as they do not show the date when the test was taken, you need the email confirming the appointment date (or other document such as doctor’s letter) showing the test date in addition to the test result.  UK private tests generally show the required information and are also valid. A printout of the results is preferred, but an SMS from the NHS will also suffice.  Covid-19 tests conducted by UK universities are also valid (4.12.20)

Under the Infectious Diseases Act, legal action will be taken against any individual who does not comply with the above.  Penalties for breach are shown here.

Extra rules for those travelling to the TRNC from Turkey (excludes transit passengers) 
Travel agents have additional responsibilities for those travelling from Turkey. Before issuing passengers with tickets for flight or ferry travel, they must first check the person’s HES code (Turkey’s track and trace app, which also serves as a permit for individuals to move from city to city, or to use public transport). 

If the HES code shows the person is Covid-19 positive or has recently come into contact with a person with coronavirus, then a travel ticket cannot be issued. Should an infected person enter North Cyprus from Turkey and the HES code indicated they were positive or high risk, the travel agent will be prosecuted for breaking the TRNC’s Criminal Code and its Communicable Diseases Law. 
In addition, people taking PCR tests in Turkey must ensure their results have a QR code. Any tests from Turkey without a QR code will be deemed invalid and the person not be permitted to enter the TRNC. 
The requirement for QR-coded PCR test results affects all passengers departing from Turkey. However, transit passengers (including Turkish citizens) are exempt from this rule. 

To prevent any problems, airline and shipping companies will check the QR codes prior to passengers boarding. If the QR code cannot be scanned, the laboratory number on the document and the last four digits of the identification number / passport number will be used on the e-Nabiz system to check the validity of the COVID-19 result. 
Passengers should ensure they have printouts of their PCR test results and present their document to health officials on arrival at Ercan Airport or another TRNC border check point. 

Applying for Exemption from Government Quarantine due to Ill Health 


Note: this option is only available to those people with serious medical conditions for whom government quarantine may be impractical or of risk to their health.

If you wish to apply for exemption you must complete and send all the following documents to the Ministry of Health Archive Department by email to 


Due to the recent increase in cases, all home quarantine applications requested for health reasons will now be evaluated and approved by the Ministry of Health Board.


Your application will be evaluated and you may be granted self-isolation at home. In the Letter of Request for Self-isolation (Home Quarantine) you must state the following: 

  • You will be isolating for 14 days at the address provided with only 1 other person/carer 

  • No other persons will be present in the house or will visit during the quarantine period 

  • You and the other person/carer will under no circumstances leave the house or breach any of the quarantine rules 


  1. Letter of Request for Self-Isolation/Home Quarantine

  2. Medical Report 

  3. ID information (Full name, Date of Birth, Kimlik/Passport number, Residency number, if applicable, for those who will quarantining together). 

  4. Address Information & Telephone number

  5. Travel Information 

  6. Negative Covid-19 test result taken within the last 5 days 

  7. Affidavit statement that the information provided is correct

  8. A signed statement from the applicant and their carer that they have read the self-quarantine rules and agree to abide by them. 



The Ministry of Health may request further documents and there is no guarantee that self-quarantine will be granted. 


Source: Notam N0088-21 17.3.2021 

              Saglik Bakanligi/Ministry of Health briefings




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