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21.09.20 TRNC Coronavirus Penalties:
09.09.20 The decisions made by the TRNC Contagious Diseases High Committee are as follows:
  • Entertainment venues that attract large gatherings such as discos, clubs, casinos, bingo nights, cinemas, theatres and fairs) will be closed until October 01.

  • A maximum of 6 people can sit at a table in bars, restaurants and taverns (meyhanes) and tables should be arranged so that they are at least 2 meters apart. The same above-mentioned table layout is required in bars and standing customers are not permitted.

  • Hairdressers, beauty centers and barbers must comply with the covid 19 rules for this type of establishment.  Rigorous inspections (by the municipality, Ministry of Labour, security forces, etc.) will be performed.

  • Massage parlors are to be closed.

  • Birthday parties, circumcision ceremonies, weddings and religious gatherings are prohibited until 01 October 2020.  Funeral ceremonies can only be attended by immediate relatives only, parents, siblings and children.

  • Opening of all educational institutions (including private education centers, study centers, course locations), with the exclusion of special education (rehabilitation) centres and nurseries (0-3 years old) are to be postponed until October 01,2020

  • Group training sessions, competitions, indoor sports and camps may not be held before October 1, 2020. Individuals can continue to perform outdoor sports and attend gyms, on the condition that the total persons within the gym do not exceed 25 people in gyms of 200 m2 and above, max 15 people in gyms between 100-200m2, max 10 people in gyms between 50-100 m2, and max 5 people in 50 m2 gyms).  Spectators are not permitted

  • Taking the quarantine capacity of the TRNC into consideration, the Ministry of Finance will limit incoming flights to two flights a day and the ferries to one per day (max. 75 passengers), provided a room in a quarantine facility is available. Limitation or cancellation of flights and ships may need to take place where quarantine accommodation for passengers is not available.

  • Flights in to the TRNC are to resume on Wednesday September 16 (2 FLIGHTS A DAY). From September 16 until September 20 only TRNC citizens with their spouse and children can enter the TRNC by air. 

  • Children’s playgrounds and parks (indoor and outdoor) are be closed until October 01.

  • Arrivals of university students are to be postponed until after September 20 (except in cases of necessity). All students will be quarantined for 7 days in government inspected and approved dormitories or hotels, determined by the university. Daily numbers of students arriving are to be restricted so as to not exceed the capacity of university quarantine centres.

  • Election rallies and similar gatherings are cancelled until October 01. TV program productions are required to: have a maximum of 3 people in studios with an area of ​​15-25m2, a maximum of 5 people in studios with an area of ​​25-50m2, and a maximum of 10 people in studios with an area of ​​50-100m2 (these numbers include the presenter and cameraman)

  • MOH advises those who are >65 years of age  and individuals with a compromised immune system, chronic lung disease, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, kidney, hypertension and liver disease, and those using medications that disrupt the immune system to isolate themselves at home, if possible. Young people should keep physical distance from people in the above mentioned categories for their safety.

Source: KKTC Sağlık Bakanlığı / TRNC Ministry of Health

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