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12.4.22 - Decisions from the Council of Ministers 

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PCR Tests & Fast Antigen Testing

Free Antigen Tests are available at private laboratories who are participating the scheme.

To register for a free antigen test, go to the main page of the Ministry of Health website, and click on the ‘Hizlı antijen test başvuru ve sonuç takibi” (Fast antigen test application and results tracking) application.

On the next screen click on HIZLI ANTİJEN TEST ONLINE BAȘVURU

Complete the application form, see below:


Press submit.

You will then be sent a 6 digit Username and 6 digit password (the password is no case sensitive)
Enter these into the system and you will enter a screen with a message at the top in Red text on a yellow background which translates as:

Go to the laboratory centre below with you identity card or passport.  You must go within 3 days of the rapid antigen test application date. To receive the rapid antigen test result as a pdf document, login to 

The laboratory address and telephone number are given at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have completed the test, the results will be available very soon afterwards and can be downloaded from or by accessing the application via the Health Ministry’s main page and clicking on ‘Hizlı antijen test başvuru ve sonuç takibi” (Fast antigen test application and results tracking) application. 

After clicking on the application you will see a second screen, this time choose HIZLI ANTİJEN TEST SONUÇ TAKİBİ  (Fast antigen test results tracking).

PCR / Antigen Tests Locations

Antigen tests are free of charge for

  • Persons vaccinated with a double dose

  • People who have had Covid-19 in the last 6 months

  • People who have had a single dose of vaccine after suffering from Covid-19 disease

  • Those under the age of 18 (under the age of 6 at the request of the family )

  • Persons who document they cannot be vaccinated due to a health problem

  • Social assistance recipients


PCR tests will be free of charge for 

  • people with symptoms, 

  • people in contact with a Covid-19 case, and 

  • people who are under Covid-19 case follow-up.


Sources: TRNC Ministry of Health, KKTC Resmi Gazete


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