TRNC - Rules

Decisions made by the Infectious Diseases High Committee– 5 March 2021

(Changes are shown in red)

Partial Curfew (8 March - 15 March):

  • Monday – Friday between 21:00 and 05:00

  • Between 21:00 on Friday and 05:00 on Monday. Only essential needs errands permitted.

  • Businesses other than those that are considered essential services will be closed from Friday 21:00 until Monday morning 05:00.

  • On Saturdays, all businesses and activities other than markets, bakeries, butchers, greengrocers, petrol stations, pharmacies, agriculture, livestock and related industrial enterprises, will be closed.

  • On Sundays all businesses will be closed (except for pharmacies, bakeries and petrol stations ).

Mondays to Fridays

  • Grocery stores will be open from 08:00 to 20:00 (Saturdays included)

  • Retail and merchandising services (excluding supermarkets and workplaces supplying all sectors) will operate between 10:00 and 20:00. 

  • The supply chain, including order taking, shelf arrangement and display. Orders, hot sales and distribution will be made between 08:00 and 20:00. 

  • Shelf arrangement and arrangement works will be done after 20:00. 

Closed Places
Theaters and movie theaters, show centers, concert halls, engagement-wedding halls, birthdays, mawlids, casinos, bars, taverns, meyhanes, coffeehouses, cafeterias, hookah/shisha cafes, internet cafes, all kinds of game halls, indoor children's games areas, locales, swimming pools, massage parlors, spa, indoor sports halls, open buffet restaurants, bet offices, night clubs, bathhouse, saunas.

Open Places
All businesses and activities that are not stated above can be open, with the following limitations:


  • Clothing may not be tried on in Retail Shops.

  • The total of customers and employees will be a maximum of 1 person per 5 m2 (including employees and customers)

  • To assist social distancing, enterprises are required to put information at all entrances explaining their meterage and the number of people permitted in the enterprise, including employees. 

  • Businesses that provide services will work on a rotation method or with reduced personnel. People working in open sectors will repeat PCR tests every 15 days.  Inspections of open businesses will be made.  Any businesses that are not complying will be closed.  Businesses must sign commitment forms that they comply with the specified rules.  In case of non-compliance, legal action will be taken.

  • Individuals are asked to meet their essential needs from businesses nearest to their residence. 

Open Institutions
Ministry of Health and health personnel, the Ministry of Finance, police, fire brigade, municipality, civil defence, district police boards, Customs, Central Prison, BRTK, TAK, TÜK, KIBTEK, The Dairy Institution, press employees and / or yellow press card holders and essential University departments will be able to work at full capacity. 

Essential Personnel in the Ministry, departments and institutions affiliated with the ministries will continue their duties as determined by the most senior authorities. To avoid disruption to services at the Air and Sea Ports, minimum personnel will be employed. 


New / Revised Decisions:

5. Patients residing in the RoC and receiving medical treatment in the TRNC will be able to cross for the day to the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <72 hours old and provide appointment documents to the border guards. 

12. Barber, hairdresser, beauty salons and tattoo studios/salons can open from 08:00-19:00
Everyone working in these sectors, must sign the commitment forms and must take repeat PCR tests every 7 days. Businesses not complying will be closed.

13. Given the quarantine capacity only a maximum of 3 flights to the TRNC per day can be allowed, each carrying a maximum of 200 passengers, and a maximum of 2 ferries per day, carrying 75 people each (excluding soldiers).

15. Outdoor seating in restaurants and restaurant takeaways service can commence from 10 March 2021.   Everyone working in these sectors, must take PCR tests and sign the commitment forms. Businesses not complying with the specified rules will be closed.
(Outdoor tables must be 2m apart and there should be 60cm between chairs at the same table)

16. Special education centres may open from 8 March 2021. People working in special training centres must take a PCR every 7 days.

17. Contactless, individual and outdoor sports activities may start.

18. People residing in the TRNC who want to travel abroad via RoC, may do so with taxis with a "T" permit. These taxis may cross to the South, provided they present a PCR test result < 72 hours old. However, these crossings will only be permitted for transfers to Larnaca Airport. Taxis with a "T" permit can provide transfers for 1 passenger, commercial < 9 passenger-''T'' licensed vehicles will be permitted to carry 2 passengers.  Hygiene requirements must be complied by all. Taxis must cross back through the same border within a maximum of 3 hours. Taxi drivers will be required to sign a commitment form.  If the requirements are not complied with further pass permits will not be issued.

19. Persons with permanent/short-term residence permits must undertake either 10 or 14days quarantine, dependant on the country of origin 

Existing Decisions (minor amendments in red):

1. In order to stop the spread of infection to Lefke-Güzelyurt-İskele-Famagusta districts, crossings, from Nicosia and Gime districts to the above will be controlled by the District Police Boards.

2. Institutions and workplaces must have temperature measurement at their entrances, and to ensure compliance with social distancing rules, markings must be implemented to ensure maintenance of m2 social distance, hygiene and disinfection must be carried out both inside and outside of the premises.  Implementation of these measures are the employer's responsibility.

3. Until 15 March 2021, face-to-face education in all public & private schools, all pre-school, primary and secondary education (including private teaching institutions private lessons and course activities) will be replaced by online lessons.  Only kindergartens can choose to remain open to avoid disruption in essential services.

4. Patients and their attendants residing in the TRNC and receiving routine medical / medical treatment in the Republic of Cyprus will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <3 days old and provide documents of their appointment to the border guards. Additionally, patients and accompanying persons must take further PCR tests on the 7th and the 14th day after returning to the TRNC.

6. Green Line Regulation, non-contact traders who have received permission to trade from the district police boards, can continue to trade without quarantine application.  Other shipment procedures will be re-evaluated at a later date.

7. Ambulances may cross the Yeşilırmak Border without quarantine for health purposes only. Quarantine is required if crossing for other purposes.

8. People residing or working in Pile will be able to cross the border for the day without needing to quarantine, provided they provide a negative PCR test results.  In order to meet the needs of Pile residents, employees of business who need to cross to Pile for the day can do so provided they submit a negative PCR test >24 hours old.

9. UN, EU, British Bases, Buffer Zone, Missing Persons Committee and Peace Forces personnel will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine provided they present a negative PCR test <7 days old. 

10. Only immediate relatives may attend funerals.

11. People who reside in the TRNC and work in the RoC or vica versa will be able to cross daily without quarantine provide they submit a PCR test result taken <7 days when they cross the border.

14. People who reside in Beyramudu can only make daily crossings to the British Bases/Superior Region without quarantine or application for the purpose of agriculture and livestock.

End of Statement

5 March - Prime Minister Ersan Saner Makes Statement - New Decisions Regarding Covid Measures From 8 March Are As Follows:

  • No curfew will be imposed from March 8.

  • Partial Curfew will continue from 21:00 – 5:00 hours Monday to Friday.

  • The partial curfew will continue from 05:00 hours on Saturday, March 13th to 05:00 hours on Monday, March 15th.


  1. On Saturday, March 13, businesses that meet essential needs will be open. Other businesses will be closed.

  2. On Sunday, businesses other than bakeries and pharmacies will be closed.

  3. All workplaces with the exception of businesses such as: 

  4. casinos, bars, meyhanes, taverns, cafeterias, cafes, internet cafes, all kinds of game/play salons, indoor children's playgrounds, swimming pools, massage salons, spas, indoor sports halls may stay open.

  5. Entries and exits to Lefke, Güzelyurt, Mağusa and İskele districts will be under police control in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

  6. Restaurant outside seating areas will be opened from 10 March 2021.

  7. Special education centers will be open as of 8 March. People working in education centers must take a new PCR test every 7 days.

  8. Individual sports is now permitted.

  9. In order to ensure the transfers of people who want to travel abroad via Southern Cyprus, taxi drivers will be permitted to transfer to Larnaca Airport, provided they submit a PCR test result performed in the last 72 hours.

  10. The validity period of driving licenses that have expired has been extended until March 31.

Addendum to the Council of Minister’s Statement of Decision 27th February 2021

Issued 4th March 2021

From 4th March 2021 - Barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo studios / salons may open between 08:00 and 19:00.  People working in these sectors must have a PCR tests every 7 days. 



To apply for a Digital Curfew Exemption Permit you should apply online via the Curfew Permit System, which is located on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


To help combat the Covid-19 Outbreak, during the "Curfew", people can apply for a Curfew permit in emergency situations by, phones, tablets and computers. Applicants should fill in the all the required information correctly. Once you submit you application you will receive a verification code which you should enter into the system. If your application is approved your District governorships will send you an SMS text with a link to your digital exemption permit document. This document has a QR code which will enable the police to automatically verify the document at their controls. There is no requirement to print this off you can show the information on your phone or tablet.

A permit is not required to use services which are permitted to be open, that are close to your home such as, Supermarkets, Greengrocers, Butchers, Pharmacies and other businesses. Business hours are between 06.00 - 20.00. Takeaway hours are between 06.00 -24.00.

General Rules

To reduce transmission and protect public health, if Covid19 positive cases are detected, workplaces may be closed temporarily.
Gatherings in private houses is limited to a maximum of 10 people until 15 January 2021

Social Distancing and Wearing of facemasks as per the requirements below must be followed:

Mask Wearing - It is mandatory to wear masks indoors and in open / semi-outdoor areas where 1.5m social distance cannot be maintained.  A fine of 10% of the monthly minimum wage (382tl) will be levied if people do not comply.

Social Distance Rule – people (excluding other members of the same household) must keep at least 1.5 meters apart in all indoor and semi-outdoor areas. A fine of 10% of the monthly minimum wage will be levied if people do not comply.

Compulsory Mask wearing of Masks and Complying with Social Distancing Rule in Public Communal Areas - the authorities responsible for public communal areas, businesses, owners of workplaces, entertainment venues and organizations or event organizers are obliged to ensure mask wearing and social distancing requirements are complied with and to take necessary measures to ensure compliance.  A fine of the monthly minimum wage will be levied and the business will be closed for 24 hours if they do not comply. Any events will be immediately stopped. Note: ‘Public Communal areas’ includes places such as hotels, motels, dormitories, where people stay as boarders and/or spend long hours, shopping centres, cinemas, schools.

Essential Workers including healthcare and police personnel must not participate in collective activities outside work and take extra care with respect to Covid rules on masks, social distance and hygiene.

Older People 
People over 65 years of age  and individuals with a compromised immune system, chronic lung disease, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, kidney, hypertension and liver disease, and those using medications that disrupt the immune system are advised to isolate themselves at home, if possible. Young people should keep physical distance from people in the above mentioned categories for their safety.

Guidance on what to do if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with suspected of having Covid -19. Read more here

Sources: TRNC Ministry of Health, KKTC Resmi Gazete


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