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To apply for a Digital Curfew Exemption Permit you should apply online via the Curfew Permit System, which is located on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


To help combat the Covid-19 Outbreak, during the "Curfew", people can apply for a Curfew permit in emergency situations by, phones, tablets and computers. Applicants should fill in the all the required information correctly. Once you submit you application you will receive a verification code which you should enter into the system. If your application is approved your District governorships will send you an SMS text with a link to your digital exemption permit document. This document has a QR code which will enable the police to automatically verify the document at their controls. There is no requirement to print this off you can show the information on your phone or tablet.



Press conference by Prime Minister Ersan Saner and Minister of Health Ünal Üstel.

The Vaccine Information System launched today, providing an online application to book Covid-19 vaccine appointments.  The system is available here - 

The website provides information on vaccination centres, appointment queries and online appointment options, while vaccination table, vaccination types and side effects, ways to protect from viruses, will come soon  The manual system will be eliminated and transferred to the digital vaccination system.

The 30 vaccination centres will continue providing services and people can book a vaccine appointment via the online system. For those who have received a first dose of vaccine, the second dose appointment will be available online.

100,000 vaccines had been supplied by Turkey and 10,000 vaccinations from EU.  Turkey will continue to provide vaccines. Currently 15% of citizens have been vaccinated, making our country 3rd in the EU.

Astra Zeneca vaccines have been stopped following a warning from the EU. Astra Zeneca vaccines have been suspended for 2,500 people. Citizens who received the Astra Zeneca vaccination are being closely followed and no problems have been discovered.

Home Quarantine
The final stage in the investigation of home quarantine has been completed. Home quarantine will start in a week or two, and families with children and chronic patients will be a priority.  A system to follow the home quarantine has been created and the ministry will also take part in the inspection process.

The plan is to revive tourism by first opening for charter/package holiday groups, ie. groups of tourists arriving together and staying at a pre-booked hotel for the length of their stay. These tourists will not be permitted to leave their hotel, neither will anybody be permitted to enter.

Once 60 % of the society vaccinated, they want to bring tourists to the country under a 2 x vaccines and 2 x PCR regime. The current system is unsustainable, hence the requirement to move to the new processes.

Inspection mechanisms are being increased and the government are requesting more support from local authorities and District Police Boards. 

Opening Up
The aim is to open indoor spaces based on m2, open face to face education and revive tourism.

To date 6,732 students have come to the country and the goal is for 15,000 students to arrive.  Students will complete their quarantine and continue face to face education.

PCR Centres 
The number of PCR centres will be increased.  PCR tests have been increased from 3,000 to 7,000 per day.  Rapid antigen tests are being introduced.  Positive tests from rapid antigen tests will be verified in the DNA laboratory.  The DNA lab will also be expanded to allow faster scanning and its capacity will be increased.

Work to detect virus mutations is being undertake at the DNA Laboratory of the State Hospital, and the results will be shared with the public.


Case Numbers
It was acknowledged that the number of cases in Girne and Lefkoşa remain high and citizens were called upon to obey the rules.  Those not obeying the rules will be punished.  However, the mortality rate in the TRNC is much lower than many other countries.  Going forward a booklet showing case numbers as graphics will be published.

Source: TRNC Ministry of Health, Dialog TV interview with Health Minister 18.3

General Rules


The validity period of driving licenses that have expired has been extended until March 31.

Social Distancing and Wearing of facemasks as per the requirements below must be followed:

Mask Wearing - It is mandatory to wear masks indoors and in open / semi-outdoor areas where 1.5m social distance cannot be maintained.  A fine of 10% of the monthly minimum wage (382tl) will be levied if people do not comply.

Social Distance Rule – people (excluding other members of the same household) must keep at least 1.5 meters apart in all indoor and semi-outdoor areas. A fine of 10% of the monthly minimum wage will be levied if people do not comply.

Compulsory Mask wearing of Masks and Complying with Social Distancing Rule in Public Communal Areas - the authorities responsible for public communal areas, businesses, owners of workplaces, entertainment venues and organizations or event organizers are obliged to ensure mask wearing and social distancing requirements are complied with and to take necessary measures to ensure compliance.  A fine of the monthly minimum wage will be levied and the business will be closed for 24 hours if they do not comply. Any events will be immediately stopped. Note: ‘Public Communal areas’ includes places such as hotels, motels, dormitories, where people stay as boarders and/or spend long hours, shopping centres, cinemas, schools.

Essential Workers including healthcare and police personnel must not participate in collective activities outside work and take extra care with respect to Covid rules on masks, social distance and hygiene.

Older People 
People over 65 years of age  and individuals with a compromised immune system, chronic lung disease, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, kidney, hypertension and liver disease, and those using medications that disrupt the immune system are advised to isolate themselves at home, if possible. Young people should keep physical distance from people in the above mentioned categories for their safety.

Guidance on what to do if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with suspected of having Covid -19. Read more here

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Sources: TRNC Ministry of Health, KKTC Resmi Gazete


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