Adapass & Covid-19 Vaccination

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Vaccines & Adapass Update 12 September

Total Number of Vaccines Made So Far: 414,963
Number of Persons with 1 dose Vaccinate: 212.117 (55.53%)
Number of Persons with 2 doses of Vaccinte: 202.846 (53.10%)

The Ministry of Health has increased the Mobile Vaccination Units so that our people can access the vaccine more easily. Mobile Vaccination Units will be available at the  open market places of Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta. 

People who have not yet been vaccinated should bring their identity cards

People requiring a 2nd or 3rd vaccine dose should bring their vaccination card.


Ada Pass is now live everywhere. To register go to: address. 

Passengers coming from abroad will complete the TRNC Passenger section of the Ada Pass application and fill in all their details and upload their PCR and vaccination certificates.  For those who have difficulties using the application, the grace period for entering the without an Adapass form has been extended to September 27. 

Note: when uploading your vaccination certificates, hover your phone over the QR code on the form, so the application can read this. 

Adapass Code – for Residents

If you are unable to successfully register on the Adapass application due to errors in your data on your vaccination certificate or the uploaded data you can visit any of the following places between 8.00-1700 weekdays to resolve the issue.

Nicosia - Near East University Hospital
Kyrenia - Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital
Guzelyurt - Near East University Hospital Guzelyurt Dispensary
Yenibogazici - Near East University Yenibogazici Campus

The Covid status of people who have had Covid-19 in the last 180 days is currently not recognised within the Adapass system - work is currently being undertaken to resolve this issue and it should be work after 6th September. If you have had a positive PCR test, the date of the test will be displayed within the system and this will be used to determine your Covid status.
PCR/antigen tests are now linked to the system and available 30 minutes after your test results are issued.

The systems problem whereby passport numbers with both letter and numbers could not be entered has now been fixed and there should be on issues.

Source: Saglık Bakanlıǧı

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