Covid-19 Vaccination

28 May 2021 - Statement from Ministry of Health

The vaccine information system has been moved to the official website of the Ministry of Health.

From now on, people who want to be vaccinated for Covid-19 can apply by visiting 

All previous applications are valid and only the web address has change

Citizens who want to reach the Ministry of Health Call Center can call 1111 and (+90)533 8203697 from abroad.

21 April 2021 - Statement from Minister of Health: Vaccinations

A further 40,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine have been received from Turkey, hence vaccinations will continue from 22 April.  The Minister thanked the Republic of Turkey, who have sent a total of 140,000 doses of vaccine to the TRNC.  Following the new delivery the vaccine programme can be speeded up.

To date: 59,474 people have received their 1st dose and 48,761 people have had 2 doses of vaccine.

  • The vaccine programme will continue with AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines:

  • Astra Zeneca – 1st doses is now only available at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital. 

  • Astra Zeneca – 2nd doses are available from the same location where your 1st dose was administered.

  • Pfizer/BioNTech - will only be provided to people requiring a 2nd vaccine dose, who received this vaccine on their 1st dose. (Iskele and Trenyolu Health Centres only)

People scheduled for a 2nd dose of vaccine should attend the Health Centre where they received their 1st dose.

Minister Üstel reported the new online vaccine appointment system was working effectively.

Anyone 50 years and above can now receive the vaccine.  If you have not yet registered you should apply now using the online system at If you have previously applied you can check the status of your vaccination appointment via the online system or by calling the vaccine line 0546 990 1313.

Notification of your vaccination appointment date and time will be sent by SMS sent to your mobile phone. 

Preliminary work on vaccinations for chronically ill bed-ridden persons has reached completion and their vaccination will begin rapidly as of next week. These people or their relatives should contact the Vaccination Call Centre to book a special appointment or alternatively book their appointment via the online system ( )

Vaccinations will re-commence on 22 April at 19 health centres:


Minister Üstel made statements about quarantine tracking system and the implementation of the vaccine for COVID-19

Minister of Health Dt. Ünal Üstel recalled the conditions regarding the arrival of the quarantine tracking system to our country within the scope of electronic wristband application, and announced that they are targeting broader openings in May due to the general situation of the COVID-19

Üstel stated that the Ministry of Health has created a list of frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and has prepared information about the most interesting subjects.

People who are approved for home quarantine and have permission certificates according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Health are included in the ′′ Quarantina Tracking System ′′ within the framework of electronic wristband application.

A total of 659 people have been included in the wristband application, 5 people's following has been terminated due to positivity of 1 people, 1 people leaving the island and 3 people being pilots.

No violations have occurred since the start of the wristband application, but in case of violation, criminal procedures including fines will be initiated.

Seniors under 70, children under 12, with pregnancy and chronic illnesses in this scope, receive permission from the Ministry of Health before arriving to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and download the mobile app named ′′ Stay Safe ′′ to the mobile phone and register in the application Topel, who said payment procedures should be completed, especially those with chronic illness should apply with doctor's reports.

1 weeks before the return to KKTC or emailing the Ministry of Health to to avoid any losses due to the intensity that occurred, the application of home quarantine has to be done, except for the criteria set by the Ministry of Health he stated that they were not of course.

The Ustel announced that it is aiming for broader openings in May compared to the general state of the COVID-19

The Ministry of Health has established a list of frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, said that questions and answers were prepared about the most wanted subjects, and will be shared on the Ministry of Health official website.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

1-Can I replace the vaccination brand given to me with the brand I want?

Those who don't go to their appointment because they don't want the vaccination brand will be re-appointment when the new vaccine arrives. But the waiting time for this is not clear.

2-What can people who missed their appointment do?

People who can't go on date for illness or any reason can call the call center and get their appointment dates to the appropriate day.

3-How will patients with serious chronic illness be vaccinated?

People who are 55 years old and older and have serious chronic illness continue to vaccinate in accordance with their applications to People who are under 55 years old and have serious chronic illness will be able to be vaccinated once they are completed.

Vaccine appointments will be reported as sms in accordance with their appointment requests through the vaccine information system. Individuals with chronic illness also do not need to come to the Ministry of Health and bring documents.

4-Should people who suffered from the illness of the COVID-19 be vaccinated?

Healthcare workers can request a vaccination system for an appointment after one month or 6 months.

5-Can I want to be vaccinated at the same time with my wife?

Appointments will be given to each individual according to age criteria and severe chronic disease. Appointment request from spouse status is not possible.

6-Can people who are 6-65 years old or older and have no residence permit be vaccinated?

If these people have been here for more than three months since they are in a high risk group and can't return to their country, they can apply to be vaccinated via

7-I will go abroad can I be vaccinated urgently?

Vaccines are done according to age criteria.

8-I got my first vaccine abroad, can I get my second vaccine here?

In case a person has a mandatory status that requires a vaccination card and has a second vaccine date, they can register an appointment from the COVID vaccination consultancy center to get 2. doses vaccination here (05469901313)

9-Is it okay for me to be vaccinated because of my chronic diseases?

You can apply for a vaccination appointment if your doctor stated that it is okay to be vaccinated.

10-Is it mandatory to be vaccinated, what happens if I don't?

It is not mandatory to be vaccinated, but it is important for vaccines to stop the spread of the disease in society.

11-Are vaccines used in vaccination program safe?

Providing safety and quality of vaccines is one of the highest priorities of the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO works closely with national authorities to ensure the development and implementation of global norms and standards to assess the quality, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

The process of developing COVID vaccines is rapidly monitored while maintaining the highest standards: Countries do not allow use until COVID-19 vaccines are proven safe and effective.

There are many strict protection measures to help ensure COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Like all vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines are going through a rigorous, multi-step test process, including large (phase III) trials, including tens of thousands of people. These trials (specific groups such as pregnant and breastfeeding women are not included in vaccine trials), are specially designed to determine any common side effects or other safety concerns.

A clinical study shows a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, before the WHO evaluates a vaccine product, a series of independent examinations and security evidence, including regulatory review and approval in the country where vaccines are produced for preliminary proficiency. Part of this process includes reviewing all the security evidence made by the Global Vaccine Safety Advisory Committee.

A team of external experts gathered by DSO analyzes the results from clinical studies, illness, affected age groups, risk factors for disease and other information. This team determines whether vaccines will be used and how to be used. Authorities in countries decide whether vaccines will be approved for national use and develop policies on how vaccines will be used according to WHO recommendations in their country.

After a COVID-19 vaccine has been implemented, the WHO supports working with vaccines producers, health authorities and other partners in every country to constantly monitor any security concerns.

In this sense, unwanted effects after vaccination are carefully evaluated and will be stopped in case of a side effects deteriorating that will require stopping the vaccine.


ROC Vaccine Update - AstraZeneca vaccinations to continue

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), clarifies after a thorough investigation, there is no link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the thromboembolic incidents reported by EU member states, and the vaccine is considered safe and effective.

From Friday, 19 March 2021, vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine will resume. Citizens who have an appointment for vaccination should attend as arranged.  Postponed from 16-18 March will be rescheduled.

COVID-19 Vaccine - AstraZeneca 
Despite a possible link to rare blood clots with low blood platelets EMA’s safety committee, PRAC, concluded on 18 March 2021, the benefits outweigh any risks. 

The Committee confirmed that: 

  • the benefits of the vaccine in combating the threat of COVID-19 (which itself results in clotting problems and may be fatal) continue to outweigh the risk of side effects; 

  • the vaccine is not associated with an increase in the overall risk of blood clots (thromboembolic events) in those who receive it; 

  • there is no evidence of a problem related to specific batches of the vaccine or to particular manufacturing sites; 

  • however, the vaccine may be associated with very rare cases of blood clots associated with thrombocytopenia, i.e. low levels of blood platelets (components that help blood to clot) with or without bleeding, including rare cases of clots in the vessels draining blood from the brain (CVST).


 On 16 March ~20 million people in the UK and EEA had received the vaccine and EMA has reviewed only 7 cases of blood clots in multiple blood vessels and 18 cases of CVST. A causal link with the vaccine is not proven, but is possible and deserves further analysis. 

Information for patients 

  • COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is not associated with an increased overall risk of blood clotting disorders. 

  • There have been very rare cases of unusual blood clots accompanied by low levels of blood platelets after vaccination. The reported cases were almost all in women <55. 

  • Because COVID-19 can be so serious and is so widespread, the benefits of the vaccine in preventing it outweigh the risks of side effects. 

  • However, if you get any of the following after receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca: 

    • breathlessness, 

    • pain in the chest or stomach, 

    • swelling or coldness in an arm or leg, 

    • severe or worsening headache or blurred vision after vaccination, 

    • persistent bleeding,

    • multiple small bruises, reddish or purplish spots, or blood blisters under the skin, 

                  please seek prompt medical assistance and mention your recent vaccination. 

The full press release is attached:'s%20Press%20Release%20on%20AstraZeneca.pdf
Source :


New TRNC Vaccine Information System launched -

This website provides services like Vaccine Application and Appointment Enquiry. Information about vaccination centers in various districts is also available.

Here is a guide on how to apply for a vaccine using the new system:

Go to

Screenshot (157).png

After filling in all the fields, click on the green button where it says ''Gonder''. When your application is sent, you will see this screen:

Screenshot (151).png

Fill in the form as follows: 

  • Isim (First Name, as in passport) 

  • Soyisim (Last Name, as in passport) 

  • Uyruk (Nationality): Choose your nationality from the dropdown menu (eg. UK:Birlesik Krallik, Germany: Almanya, Isvec: Sweden, Norvec: Norway) 

  • Kimlik no (Passport number), unless you are a TRNC citizen, if so write ID/kimlik number. 

  • Cinsiyet (Sex): Choose from dropdown menu= Kadin:Female Erkek:Male 

  • Doğum Tarihi (Date of Birth) 

  • Çalıştığınız Sektör (Sector you work in): Choose ‘’emekli’’ from the dropdown menu if you are retired. 

  • Meslek (profession) 

  • Adres (Address)  


Lütfen aşılama için tercih ettiğiniz ilçe ve kurumu seçin (Please select your preferred district and institution for vaccination) :

  • İlçe (District): Choose your district from the dropdown menu 

  • Kurum: Choose your preferred place of vaccination from the dropdown menu 

  • Kronik Hastalık (Chronic illnesses): If you have any chronic illnesses, find and select from the dropdown menu 

  • Aşı Durumu (Vaccine Status): Select from the dropdown menu: Hic yapilmadi (Never been done), 1. doz yapildi (Received 1.dose), 2. doz yapildi (Received 2.dose) 

* Lütfen başvurunuzu göndermeden önce girdiğiniz bilgilerin doğru olduğundan emin olunuz. 

* Aşılamalar, Sağlık Bakanlığı'nın belirlediği öncelik gruplarına göre yapılmaktadır. 

* Tercih ettiğiniz kurum yoğunluğuna göre belirttiğiniz ilçede farklı bir kuruma yönlendirilebilirsiniz. 

* Aşı sıranız geldiğinde, randevu bilgileriniz en az 3 gün öncesinde bu formda belirttiğiniz cep telefonu numarasına kısa mesaj (SMS) olarak iletilecektir. 

* Please make sure that the information you entered is correct before submitting your application. 

* Vaccinations are made according to the priority groups determined by the Ministry of Health. 

* You may be directed to a different institution than the institution of your preference 

* When it is your turn to be vaccinated, your appointment information will be sent to you as a text message (SMS) to the mobile phone number you specified on this form at least 3 days in advance. 

Kaydiniz basariyla tamamlandi (Your application has been completed successfully.)

Asi siraniz geldiginde randevu bilgileriniz cep telefonunuza kisa mesaj (SMS) olarak iletilecektir.

When it's your turn to be vaccinated, your appointment information will be sent to you as a text message (SMS).

Takip kodu (tracking number). 

* Lutfen takip kodunu not ediniz (Please do not lose your tracking code)

Sayfayi yazdir (Print page)

Note: You need the tracking number to enquire about your application. This you can do by clicking on ''randevu sorgula'' on the main page. By entering your mobile number and tracking number, you can enquire about your application.


Statement: The Ministry of Health has set up a “Vaccine Information System Call Centre”.


The Vaccine Information System Call Centre has been set up to help citizens who are unable to access the vaccine information system or who experience problems using the vaccine information system, a written statement from the Ministry of Health said.

The call centre has been activated in a way that 5 people can be responded to simultaneously and 10 people can be put on hold, the statement said, noting that the system has been prepared so that responses can be provided in Turkish and English.

According to this, as of today [29 March] citizens can contact the call centre on weekdays during normal working hours.

The Ministry of Health Vaccine Information System Call Centre number is 0546 990 1313.

Vaccine Update 

Minister of Health Dr. Ali Pilli made the following statement today: 

40,000 Sinovac vaccines and 2250 Pfizer vaccines have been administered and a further 40,000 Sinovac vaccines arrived from Turkey yesterday. People have started to receive their second doses. You should contact your nearest vaccination centre to arrange an appointment for the date shown on your vaccination card.

He highlighted TRNC’s goal is to vaccinate 300,000 people (75%) by the end of March and stressed our biggest weapon in the fight against the pandemic is that citizens obey the rules.

People travelling to vaccination centres within or between districts do not require a curfew exemption permit. Don’t forget when you attend the vaccine clinic you should bring your passport, residency permit (if you have one) or kimlik and vaccination card. 

Local Vaccine Centres 

Some Belediyes (municipalities) are offering Covid vaccines for residents in the area. The Ministry of Health vaccine application website is still in use, but vaccination through your belediye, if offered, is quicker. Below are details from a few belediyes (taken from facebook). We recommend people to follow their belediye’s facebook page as many share important updates there.  


Alsancak Municipality: 




Send your requests via whatsapp to number 0548 878 7070 

Alternatively you can send it through Facebook messenger or by coming to our municipality. 

Requested details for your vaccine application: 


Name - Surname 

Date of birth - Age 




Lapta Municipality:

Dear residents of Lapta region, we are continuing covid-19 vaccinations in coordination with the Ministry of Health. Please contact us for an appointment. 

0548 829 18 53 

For Residents of Karsiyaka:

For all NON kimlik card holders who are 65+ and would like the vaccine, please contact the Karsiyaka Muhtar Ahmet Pelit. You can call him on 05488618319 for more information.

For Esentepe Municipality: 

Contact 0533 834 0193 


The Ministry of Health will be announcing soon, how to register if you are in any of the stage 2 groups.


05.02.2021 - Statement From Minister of Health

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Pilli announced 2250 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines sent by the EU were delivered to the Ministry of Health at the Metehan Border Gate today.

People who received their first dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination will now start to receive their second dose. Anyone who's vaccination card indicates their second dose is due should apply to the Polyclinic and Pier Health Center.

02.02.2021 - Statement from Girne Belediyesi (Kyrenia Municipality) 

People aged 80 and over (born on 01.01.1940 or earlier), who wish to have the Covid-19 vaccine, can call Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch on 0533 870 20 10. They will be picked up from their home by the Social Affairs Branch team and taken back home after being vaccinated.  

23.01.2021 Health Minister Dr. Ali Pilli announced that the 1080 doses of Pfizer Biontech vaccine, which was sent by the EU for people over 65 years of age, was completed yesterday. He also announced that 1170 doses of Pfizer Biontech vaccine will be received from the EU on Monday. New vaccinations using Pfizer Biontech will start on Tuesday. Today Sinovac vaccination continues at Pandemic Hospital, Güzelyurt Health Center and Cengiz Topel Hospital. Additionally the Sinovac vaccination will be available at Girne Akçiçek Hospital from tomorrow.


Elderly people who want to have vaccinations at home and cannot apply to the centres may request a home appointment by applying this week to the Ministry of Health and local administrations. Vaccines will be given by appointment in cooperation with local governments and the Ministry of Health.

19.01.2021 Statement from TRNC Ministry Of Health: Vaccination of People Over 80 years Old Has Commenced

Between 20/01/2021 - 22/01/2021 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), Covid-19 vaccines will be given to people aged 80 and over (those born 01.01.1940 and earlier) in 5 centres.

Vaccinations will be offered in the following centres:

1- Pandemic Center 08.30 - 16.00

2- Girne State Hospital 08.30-16.00

3- Güzelyurt Health Center 12.00-16.00

4- Yenierenköy Health Center 08.30- 16.00

5- Maraş Health Center 08.30-16.00

Applying for a Covid-19 Vaccine

The Ministry of Health has announced that those aged 65 and over (non-citizens included) can apply for a free Covid vaccine via the following link:

Guidance on how to complete the form is shown below.

Applications previously made through email ( or the other website ( are still valid and re-registering is not necessary.  New applications however need to be made through

Source: TRNC Ministry of Health


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