Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccine Update 

Minister of Health Dr. Ali Pilli made the following statement today: 

40,000 Sinovac vaccines and 2250 Pfizer vaccines have been administered and a further 40,000 Sinovac vaccines arrived from Turkey yesterday. People have started to receive their second doses. You should contact your nearest vaccination centre to arrange an appointment for the date shown on your vaccination card.

He highlighted TRNC’s goal is to vaccinate 300,000 people (75%) by the end of March and stressed our biggest weapon in the fight against the pandemic is that citizens obey the rules.

People travelling to vaccination centres within or between districts do not require a curfew exemption permit. Don’t forget when you attend the vaccine clinic you should bring your passport, residency permit (if you have one) or kimlik and vaccination card. 

Local Vaccine Centres 

Some Belediyes (municipalities) are offering Covid vaccines for residents in the area. The Ministry of Health vaccine application website is still in use, but vaccination through your belediye, if offered, is quicker. Below are details from a few belediyes (taken from facebook). We recommend people to follow their belediye’s facebook page as many share important updates there.  


Alsancak Municipality: 




Send your requests via whatsapp to number 0548 878 7070 

Alternatively you can send it through Facebook messenger or by coming to our municipality. 

Requested details for your vaccine application: 


Name - Surname 

Date of birth - Age 




Lapta Municipality:

Dear residents of Lapta region, we are continuing covid-19 vaccinations in coordination with the Ministry of Health. Please contact us for an appointment. 

0548 829 18 53 

For Residents of Karsiyaka:

For all NON kimlik card holders who are 65+ and would like the vaccine, please contact the Karsiyaka Muhtar Ahmet Pelit. You can call him on 05488618319 for more information.

For Esentepe Municipality: 

Contact 0533 834 0193 

The Ministry of Health will be announcing soon, how to register if you are in any of the stage 2 groups.


05.02.2021 - Statement From Minister of Health

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Pilli announced 2250 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines sent by the EU were delivered to the Ministry of Health at the Metehan Border Gate today.

People who received their first dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination will now start to receive their second dose. Anyone who's vaccination card indicates their second dose is due should apply to the Polyclinic and Pier Health Center.

02.02.2021 - Statement from Girne Belediyesi (Kyrenia Municipality) 

People aged 80 and over (born on 01.01.1940 or earlier), who wish to have the Covid-19 vaccine, can call Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch on 0533 870 20 10. They will be picked up from their home by the Social Affairs Branch team and taken back home after being vaccinated.  

23.01.2021 Health Minister Dr. Ali Pilli announced that the 1080 doses of Pfizer Biontech vaccine, which was sent by the EU for people over 65 years of age, was completed yesterday. He also announced that 1170 doses of Pfizer Biontech vaccine will be received from the EU on Monday. New vaccinations using Pfizer Biontech will start on Tuesday. Today Sinovac vaccination continues at Pandemic Hospital, Güzelyurt Health Center and Cengiz Topel Hospital. Additionally the Sinovac vaccination will be available at Girne Akçiçek Hospital from tomorrow.


Elderly people who want to have vaccinations at home and cannot apply to the centres may request a home appointment by applying this week to the Ministry of Health and local administrations. Vaccines will be given by appointment in cooperation with local governments and the Ministry of Health.

19.01.2021 Statement from TRNC Ministry Of Health: Vaccination of People Over 80 years Old Has Commenced

Between 20/01/2021 - 22/01/2021 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), Covid-19 vaccines will be given to people aged 80 and over (those born 01.01.1940 and earlier) in 5 centres.

Vaccinations will be offered in the following centres:

1- Pandemic Center 08.30 - 16.00

2- Girne State Hospital 08.30-16.00

3- Güzelyurt Health Center 12.00-16.00

4- Yenierenköy Health Center 08.30- 16.00

5- Maraş Health Center 08.30-16.00

Applying for a Covid-19 Vaccine

The Ministry of Health has announced that those aged 65 and over (non-citizens included) can apply for a free Covid vaccine via the following link:

Guidance on how to complete the form is shown below.

Applications previously made through email ( or the other website ( are still valid and re-registering is not necessary.  New applications however need to be made through

Source: TRNC Ministry of Health


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